Franchise Sector Summaries - Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning services


Commercial services franchise leaders will be working toward enhancing current best practice standards for their businesses and franchisees based on updates set forth by the CDC related to COVID-19.

General Recommended Guidelines

  • Consider daily temperature checks prior to starting workday. CDC guidance states the minimum temperature that indicates a fever is 100.4°F.
  • Practice social distancing. 
  • PPE should be worn at all times.  
  • Communication should be provided to customers as to what measures are being taken to keep everyone safe during service.
  • Employees should be encouraged not to carpool to service locations when feasible.
  • Ask customers to wear PPE.
  • Provide additional training and certifications where possible.
  • Providing a safe in-office working environment:
  • Employees should wear PPE.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Consider rearrangement or removal of breakroom and common areas where congregation of employees could occur.
  • Continue allowing and encourage working remotely. Increase technology offerings to help make this easier for all staff.
  • Consider staggering workforce so buildings  have 40% or less employees at one time.
  • Continue and increase cleaning and sanitizing of office buildings. 

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