The Evolving State of Franchise Marketing: Three Pillars to Live By

The best advice that Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer ever received came from his grandfather: “Stop complaining about problems.  ‘Problems’ is the definition of business.”  Thanks to COVID-19, the definition of “problems” for franchise brands has now been amplified to a previously unimaginable degree.

Why People Say Healthcare Franchises Are Sustainable


Franchise business leaders often describe certain industries, such as healthcare, as being “sustainable” during an economic downturn. By “sustainable,” they mean something that possesses staying power. A sustainable business is something that is and remains relevant and necessary. 


Business leaders consider healthcare franchises sustainable because there is always a need for good health.


Paychex’s PPP Loan Forgiveness Estimator and Forgiveness Report

To reflect the latest Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan regulations, we’ve launched an in-app PPP Loan Forgiveness Estimator within our Paychex Flex® platform for clients. If you haven’t applied for a PPP loan, there are still funds available, however the SBA's application approval deadline is June 30.