Great Clips Franchisee Aids Stylists and Community

Steve Bixler, a multi-unit franchisee of Great Clips Inc. salons, has stepped up to give back to his employees and community in the time of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. In myriad ways, Bixler is a testament to his franchise system and providing opportunities for giving back across his locations in Central Texas.

Given the mandated closures in many states, Bixler’s locations experience zero sales and revenue. For his employees in need during this time, Bixler has provided cash payments to his people without a regular paycheck. Moreover, Bixler provided his wider community with prepared meals, and partnered with the Red Cross to sponsor blood donation drives. In these diverse and direct ways, Bixler and his Great Clips franchise locations are providing critical assistance to communities in need.

IFA is proud to count Steve Bixler and his Great Clips in the IFA franchise family. To learn more about Great Clips, click here.