The Little Gym North Raleigh Keeps Kids Active

As owner of The Little Gym North Raleigh/Wake Forest, Richard Moore knows about keeping kids in his community active, energetic, and healthy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, his gym has been closed to ensure the health of children that his gym normally serves.

As his gym prepares and adapts with new measures to safeguard the health and safety of these kids, his franchise has been filling the time of stay-at-home orders with fun fitness inspiration for youngsters. Most days since its closing, The Little Gym North Raleigh/Wake Forest has been providing videos for children and families in the community that are fun and educational. That way, families and their children can stay active and involved participants, and won’t miss a beat when their gym reopens.

IFA supports this innovative programming that helps young people stay active and healthy while first responders fight this devastating virus, and can leap right back into the fun at The Little Gym.

To learn more about The Little Gym, click here.