Shipley Do-Nut Franchisee Gives Back by Supporting Employee Relief

In Bedford, TX, Phil Adkins, a franchise owner of Shipley Do-Nuts, has been devoting time and resources toward his employees during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. As part of his franchise business’s relief efforts, Adkins is giving back to his employees by ensuring that they have increased paid time-off for personal or family illness.

What’s more, Adkins ensured that all of his employees had 30 days of guaranteed paychecks if the business closed (or closes) due to COVID-19. In these uncertain times – both from a public health and economic standpoint – Adkins and his Shipley Do-Nuts location is ensuring that the health of his employees, his business, and by extension his community, comes first.

IFA applauds this health-focused effort to keep franchise businesses safe, sound, and healthy. To learn more about Shipley Do-Nuts, click here.