St. Petersburg SpeedPro Franchisees Sustaining Community Small Businesses

Like many businesses in the printing and signage industry, SpeedPro plays a vital role supporting other businesses and their customers with custom and engaging signs, placards, decals, and more.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, the McKenny family, SpeedPro franchisees, are going above and beyond to help the community their business serves normally, helping both individuals and other small businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic. The McKennys are producing, for free, banners, signs, and other physical collateral, with messages that will help stimulate their businesses and attract customers. Signs, like “We Are Open” or “Open for Drive-Thru & Takeout”, provide a much-needed service to the community, helping to point customers in the direction of open businesses to take advantage of local businesses and invigorate the local economy at this challenging time.

IFA commends this exceptional effort of franchise businesses supporting their local communities and giving back.

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