IFA Endorses Rep. Kevin Hern for Reelection

WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 25 – The International Franchise Association (IFA) today endorsed Rep. Kevin Hern for reelection, naming the Oklahoma 1st Congressional District Republican as a “Friend of Franchising.”

The endorsement – based on a review process evaluating factors including the candidate’s voting record, official actions, and public statements – are reflective of Hern’s efforts to promote business growth and employee development for America’s 733,000 franchise small businesses. Endorsements are not related to political party affiliation.

“As a franchise owner himself, Kevin Hern knows what small businesses need to grow, hire, and give back,” said IFA President and CEO Robert Cresanti. “He is an effective and well-respected voice for small businesses in Washington, and IFA is proud to endorse Rep. Hern for reelection.”

Franchising is an arrangement where a name brand company grants a local owner the right to use its trademark, business systems, and processes to produce and market a good or service. The business owner usually pays a one-time franchise fee and a percentage of sales revenue as royalty. 

This structure allows for consistent quality and trust for consumers wherever they go, while allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to fulfill their dream of starting and growing a business of their own. 

In franchising, brands are the foundation for economic development and job creation. A franchise brand is more than a name; it is the entire experience that customers receive at each location, from the products or services received to the interaction with the employees and the local community.

America’s 733,000 franchise small businesses employ nearly 8 million Americans. In Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional District, some 2,100 franchise businesses employ more than 23,800 Oklahomans and contribute $1.9 billion in economic output.

Future IFA endorsements will be made throughout the year.