Economics of Hiring

Labor & Hiring Series Small
Wednesday, October 20, 2021; 2:00pm - Wednesday, October 20, 2021; 3:00pm
John Leer, Chief Economist, Morning Consult

IFA is pleased to announce a series of webinars starting this fall focused on several issues related to current human resource challenges. IFA's Labor & Hiring Webinar Series will provide attendees with an insight into how others in the franchise community are addressing:

  • Employees returning to the workplace post-pandemic;
  • Re-activating, hiring, and retaining talent;
  • The economics surrounding hiring, including wage pressure and remaining available federal funding options;
  • And lastly, alternative hiring strategies and opportunities to reach new potential employees.

On October 20th, join us for a special look at the data behind current hiring challenges. John Leer, Chief Economist for Morning Consult - a global data intelligence company delivering insights and custom market research on what people think in real-time - will provide a presentation that centers on the intersection of macroeconomics and business challenges.

By drawing on Morning Consult's proprietary high-frequency economic data, Mr. Leer will identify the Delta variant’s acute, yet temporary impact on consumer confidence and employment, providing insight into the future of consumer spending, the demand for labor, and job search activity. While many facets of the U.S. economy appear brighter than just a couple of months ago, consumers' concerns with rising prices and supply chain disruptions pose persistent challenges for businesses beyond the end of the year.