IFA WFN Regional Virtual Event: How to Master Your Executive Presence

Thursday, May 18, 2023; 2:30pm - Thursday, May 18, 2023; 3:30pm
Cindy Skalicky, On Point Communications

How do you show up in calls, meetings, and presentations? Do you feel in control and 100% present with your audience? Or do you feel distracted trying to recall exactly what you planned to say, or what slide you’re on, or maybe worrying about how you are being received? Whether you're giving a formal presentation or leading an important meeting, those present are evaluating you based on your confidence, impact, and clarity. When communicating with stakeholders, whether in the ballroom or Zoom room, Executive Presence matters!

In this tactical virtual workshop, attendees will walk away understanding….
1. What exactly IS Executive Presence?
2. The 3 Ancient Elements of Impact
3. Practical Tools to Elevate your Presence
4. Easy tips to Boost Your Confidence Right NOW


About Cindy

Cindy Skalicky is an internationally recognized expert in Persuasive Theory and Storytelling and holds a Masters Degree in Rhetoric.  Cindy helps leaders communicate with confidence, command, and clarity.  She’s deeply passionate about helping clients "Nail It" by connecting authentically with their audiences through polished messaging that sticks.

Cindy’s Presentation Skills Coaching and Executive Presence Training programs have helped clients close over $100 million in venture capital funding, close lucrative ‘Big Fish’ deals and create invaluable corporate partnerships.  Her clients include DuPont, Microsoft, VC Lab, and countless leaders across the globe.  Cindy recently served as a guest speaker for TiE Women [tie.org] and for CHIEF [chief.com].

Originally from Chicago and a lifelong Cubs fan, Cindy now lives in Fort Collins with her husband and their 4 (teenaged!) children.