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Many educational and childcare institutions have remained at least partially open during the pandemic, the majority of them, in order to service childcare needs for essential workers only. These locations have taken strong and proactive measures to keep those remaining employees and families safe and learned valuable safety lessons which will be applicable going forward. These efforts will be amplified as they prepare to bring back staff and allow all families to return to the schools.

General Recommended Guidelines

  • All employees and children should be visually examined for symptoms have temperatures taken daily before being admitted to work or attend school. CDC guidance states the minimum temperature that indicates a fever is 100.4°F.
  • Only children and staff should be permitted in the facility.
  • Parents should drop children off in front of the school where they are escorted inside by an employee.
  • Occupancy levels should be addressed (Max number of students per facility vs. number of people per square foot). This should be done in conjunction with any state or local mandates.
  • Meet requirements for sanitizing all toys and equipment in facilities.
  • Contactless payments should be offered.
  • Family groups should be kept together in classrooms.
  • Encourage attendance initiatives such as staggering class days or A/B Team scheduling.
  • Offer education at home programs where possible.
  • Consider tuition relief/credits for essential workers.
  • Only one teacher per classroom where feasible.
    • No ancillary staff or assistant teachers should be allowed in classes.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Practice student social distancing when possible, e.g. circle and mat times.
  • Students should be kept home if they are sick or showing signs of illness.
  • Parents should be directed to wear PPE if there is any interaction required with staff outside school at drop off or pickup.

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