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Gyms and fitness franchises across the country have been forced to close during the pandemic. With appropriate measures taken to ensure employee and consumer safety, these businesses can reopen and provide much needed health and well-being outlets for consumers.

General Recommended Guidelines

  • Practice social distancing throughout the facility.
  • Where practical, equipment should be spaced 6 feet apart or every other piece of equipment to be used, allowing for physical separation. The non-used equipment should be powered down, roped off and signage placed on it.
  • All employees should wear a facemask. 
  • Post signage at the door stating that any customer who is currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted to enter.
  • Hand sanitizer should be prominently available throughout the facility. 
  • All equipment should be cleaned frequently and/or in between each guest/user.
  • Customers should be directed to wait in their car or outside until space is available based on occupancy limits.
  • Ask customers to use app-based technology to schedule appointments, handle payment transactions, and keep up with all communications.
  • Consider reducing the size of classes or eliminating in-person training.
  • All customers should be directed to wash hands upon entering the facility. 
  • If customers are waiting for their appointment outside, visual cues should be used to designate safe social distancing.
  • There should only be enough equipment in the facility to accommodate the number of guests, plus floor space for guests to do exercising while maintaining social distancing protocols.  
  • One-way direction set up, no customer passing each other or looping back to a piece of equipment.  Signage on the floor, walls and self-standing to be added to aid in new layout.
  • Customer should be directed to provide his/her own hydration/water bottles. No re-filling stations should be available. Sealed, single use items may be provided.
  • Bathrooms should be routinely cleaned using CDC approved cleaning products.
  • Consider elimination or closure of non-bathroom facilities in locker room areas such as saunas, tanning facilities, etc.

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