Franchise Sector Summaries - Residential Services



Providing quality services inside and outside consumers’ homes and covering a wide variety of services, there are broad recommendations that will be helpful to the reopening or continued safe operation of residential service brands.

General Recommended Guidelines

  • Services should be by appointment only.  
  • All appointments should be confirmed with a pre-screening call.  Screeners should ask about the health of the home/site, anyone showing signs of COVID-19, the use of facemasks for anyone who will be at the home/site. 
  • Communications should be sent prior to the appointment outlining safety protocols. 
  • Practice social distancing. 
  • PPE should be worn by employees and customers.
  • Hand sanitizer should be provided for all employees to take to job sites. 
  • Ask customers to limit their contact with employees while work is being completed.
  • Ahead of a visit, customer should be contacted to discuss any new procedure(s), additional precautions and encourage the use of PPE by the customers.  
  • Employee should discuss all extended safety and cleaning measures with the customer prior to starting any work to ensure a safe environment. 
  • Employees should clean the work area entirely prior to leaving the site, following cleaning procedures outlined in communications to the customer.
  • Where possible, install hand washing/sanitizing stations on employee vehicles.
  • Payments should be processed via touchless systems or online. 

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