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As a backbone of Americans’ ability to travel for work and pleasure, hotels are a vital part of the economy. Supporting thousand of direct jobs and thousands more indirectly, it is important to develop safe and effective ways for these establishments to begin welcoming guests back.

General Recommended Guidelines

  • Practice social distancing throughout facilities, especially in common space, lobbies, etc. 
  • All employees should wear a facemask. 
  • Consider signage discouraging entrance to anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Hand sanitizer should be prominently provided in common space, lobbies, at elevator and escalator banks. 
  • Follow all cleaning guidelines put forth from the CDC.  
  • Ask guests to download and use the brand app prior to arrival for check-in/check-out, hotel communications, services, maps, etc.
  • Entering:  
    • When feasible, only guests with reservations should enter the property.
    • Guests should be directed to follow social distancing guidelines, aided by signage placed on stands, doors, and floors. 
    • All guests should be directed to use hand sanitizer that is readily available in common spaces.  
  • Queuing:
    • If guests are waiting, visual cues should be used to designate safe social distancing.
    • Consider removing excess furniture from the lobby and common space areas to encourage social distancing.  
    • Directional signage and floor stickers should be used in all high traffic locations, including lobby spaces, common areas, elevator and escalator banks.
  • Rooms:
    • Hotel rooms should be cleaned upon check-out and not daily or in accordance with brand standards.
    • All coffee pots, in-room food service items, paper amenities and toiletries should be removed.
    • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes should be made available for purchase or gratis in-room or onsite.
    • Single serving, prewrapped food or beverage items should available.
  • Bathrooms:
    • Public restrooms are cleaned throughout the day. Guest bathrooms cleaned upon checkout.
    • Signage to include recommended hand washing procedures and overall bathroom cleaning procedures should be placed prominently.


hotel rendering


hotel rendering

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