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How Scenthound is Continuing Growth Amid COVID-19


As we navigate the new normal of franchising, we all have a lot of questions. When will this end? How do we continue to grow? What does this mean for my business? There’s still a lot of uncertainty, but it’s time to think about the future and the success that could come, post-COVID.

The Pet Industry in COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, there have been headlines across the nation celebrating how animal shelters are being completely cleared out.

Strength in Numbers: Why Franchised Businesses are Faring Better than Mom-and-Pops Through COVID-19

I have never been prouder to be part of franchising than I am now. Since the Coronavirus hit, we have seen our industry rally. The motto “in business for yourself, but not by yourself” rings true. We have been standing together, sharing best practices, and encouraging each other to keep going.

The Power of Your Network Will Help You Through COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be an incredibly challenging time for all businesses, including those in the retail and service franchise networks. It has called upon entire organizations, from CEOs to location owners, to look ahead, come together and remain strong.

COVID-19 Related Exposures Facing Franchise Systems

Most franchise systems are facing severe financial impacts as a result of the continued spread of COVID-19 and the numerous government-mandated shutdowns that have been ordered by state and local officials in response. Even if your franchised operations are considered essential and able to remain open during the shut-down, franchisees may have exposures, in addition to a loss of revenue, which may further impact franchisors. Below is a list of possible exposures franchise systems should be thinking about and preparing an action plan to minimize the risk of loss.


How Sola Salon Studios Leader is Navigating COVID-19


Sola Salon Studios, like so many other franchise brands, is navigating uncharted waters right now. From when we began feeling the initial impact of this pandemic only a month ago to now, things have shifted drastically and they continue to evolve on a daily basis.

COVID-19: A Time for Immediate Action, Support and Leadership

At Childrens Lighthouse Early Learning Schools℠, our best practices and leadership insights work in tandem because we know that every decision made today will impact our business tomorrow. With that in mind, our team holds itself to a certain standard when determining the proper course of action for any situation – especially a crisis situation. In such scenarios, our decision making relies on four simple steps:

Leading Through COVID-19: How PuroClean is Providing Support to Franchise Owners


The emergence and rapid rise of COVID-19 has impacted brands across every segment, and franchisors must prepare for disruption or change in their business model while also deciding how to best protect and inform their franchise owners during these unprecedented times. So how can a franchisor best lead – and, more importantly, serve – their team during this time? Here are just a few of the steps that PuroClean has implemented since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, helping keep our owners safe and set up for success as essential businesses.

How to Communicate in a Time of Crisis: A Spotlight on Leading Food Service Brands

First and foremost, we appreciate you taking the time to read this as we understand this can be a very difficult time within your teams and local communities. As with any challenging time, new opportunities can be created. We hope to provide constructive thoughts from brand leaders highlighting their own best practices in technology and communication to help the broader business community. 

Crafting an Astutely Creative Crisis Response


Young Rembrandts CEO and founder highlights brand’s response to COVID-19

As an entrepreneur and a mother, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. While a global pandemic was far from the typical roadblock, we’ve built a team at Young Rembrandts that is willing to adapt and move quickly in a crisis situation. As a childhood art education program, we were concerned about the impact COVID-19 might have on our franchise owners and the business.