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Chicago-area CD One Price Cleaners Franchisee Provides Essential Service to First Responders

In St. Charles, Illinois, CD One Price Cleaners franchisee Tom Simonian is going above and beyond to provide a first responders in need with real-world resources and solutions as they fight COVID-19.


In the Tri-Cities area of Washington state, IHOP franchisee Susan Mendenhall is once again feeding her community in times of crisis, and showing resilience in the face of adversity. Mendenhall is no stranger to stepping up in challenging times; in 2015 her IHOP location in Kennewick, Washington fed firefighters who were responding to devastating wildfires in the area.

The Importance of Brand Agility and Adaptability in Times of Change and Uncertainty

The impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on our economy appears unparalleled in the last twenty years or longer. Brands and industries, in many cases, were caught unprepared for the “stay at home” orders, supply chain and labor issues, and other impacts brought on rapidly by the pandemic. It is in times like these that a brand’s ability to quickly pivot its business models to not only accommodate the changes, but also capitalize on them, is paramount in its ability to stay competitive, and without overstating, simply stay in business.

A Franchising Concept Consideration Post-COVID-19


As the coronavirus continues its grip on the global economy, nations are working hard to discover new pathways toward re-opening businesses safely, getting people back to work, and jump-starting their local markets. The months without work and steady income have caused individual stress, harmed families, and cast a large shadow of doubt on what the financial future holds. People are looking for other ways to not only survive financially but thrive.