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Reacting to a Pandemic as a Global Franchise: Leadership Lessons from Dale Carnegie

At Dale Carnegie, we’re in the business of people. Resilience, agility, creating confidence, dealing with stress and worry – these are all priorities that drive the way we operate. Because of the nature of our business, our focus during this pandemic has been supporting our customers, communities and the public in overcoming the fear and uncertainty.

How to Make Lemonade Out of Lemons Amid a Crisis

When times are uncertain, sticking to what you know and what you do best can help provide you with a clear path of action. As a business, perhaps you have a strong social media presence and are finding ways to leverage it. Or maybe you are known for creating innovative products and are looking to make a new product in response to what people need most right now. Whatever “your thing” is, it’s imperative to identify it before you can fully provide value. 

4 Factors to Be Aware of for Restaurant Reopening

COVID-19 forced many franchisors and franchisees to act quickly as the entire restaurant industry entered uncharted territory. With rules and regulations varying by state and changing almost every day, franchisees have reformulated their business strategies on the fly in an effort to ensure their doors can and will remain open.  

Connect Through Print: Touchless Technology That Will Change Consumer Behavior Forever


Smart NFC signage launched just in time for the new contact-less era of serving customers.

Overnight, there was a sudden and immediate need for more virtual solutions across all industries around the globe stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic closures.

7000 Franchise Advocates Call for Liability Protection

WASHINGTON, JULY 14 – The International Franchise Association (IFA) today will deliver a petition to Congress calling for coronavirus liability protections for businesses that follow applicable guidelines.

The petition was signed more than 7000 franchise business owners, leaders, and advocates from across the United States.

Scenthound Offers Free Grooming to Dogs Adopted During Pandemic


Despite all of the unfortunate news regarding COVID-19, some positive headlines managed to sweep the nation as animal shelters across the country were cleared out during the pandemic. With more time than ever at home, many Americans became new “pet parents” and grooming franchise Scenthound is giving back to them this month.

Brightway Insurance Opens Franchises During Pandemic

In January 2020, Matthew Schor was an Allstate Agent limited to selling only one brand’s insurance products. He wanted access to more so he could help his customers get the right coverage at the right price. Schor heard about Brightway Insurance, researched the company and decided to attend a Day of Discovery (DOD) on March 20.